Who We Are

Who is POAMN

POAMN is the Presbyterian Older Adult Ministries Network, a network of persons who are engaged in ministry with older adults. These people work in presbyteries and synods, they are leaders in congregations, and some serve in specialized ministries such as chaplains in care facilities, senior centers, and presbytery staff who are involved with older adult ministry committees.  Others come from non-profit organizations, Healthcare, Chaplains, Continuum of Care Facilities, and Ecumenical Partnerships.

POAMN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization celebrating its 34th anniversary of providing the framework for recognizing the gifts and challenges of growing older in the life of the church.  POAMN has worked since 1982 to promote the development of Older Adult Ministries and the value of such a ministry within PC(U.S.A.).

POAMN’s mission is educating and equipping leadership and aging congregations to promote and engage in activity, wellness, care, and social involvement.  Our purpose is to educate, advocate, develop and share resources, and train leaders by raising awareness around issues facing those who serve older adults, and are older adults, all in a covenant relationship with the Mission Agency Board of PC(U.S.A.).

We strive to tackle the challenges of aging with expert solutions, and to redefine aging as a journey of spirituality, strength, growth, care and compassion. Our objective is to provide opportunities and services to meet the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, vocational and spiritual needs of an aging society with the tools, education, experience, expertise, and knowledge to help all individuals regardless of age, to thrive in the church and communities of their choice for as long as possible.

We recognize that leaders and older adults are trailblazers in today’s culture—advocating for themselves, their peers, and their communities—paving the way for future generations and the church to promote and engage in activity, wellness, care and social involvement. All of us, be it the Executive Committee of POAMN, or synods, presbyteries, church leaders, pastors, volunteers, laypeople and members, have a unique role and an important challenge to address the issues of aging positively and proactively in today’s rapidly aging society.

POAMN’s resources include:

  • An informative website, www.poamn.org
  • Membership at an individual, couples affiliate, or institutional level.
  • A Newsletter. POAMN Network News (PNN) is published 5 times/year
  • An Older Adult Ministries Planning Guide is published annually for celebrating Older Adult Sunday in early May (but resources useful year-around.)
  • An Annual POAMN Conference is held in October and rotated around the country. Scholarships and grants to ease the cost of attendance are available
  • A Facebook Page
  • An Older Adult Ministry Certification Program, through a partnership with the Center for Lifelong Learning at Columbia Theological Seminary. A Certificate in Older Adult Ministry can be earned in 2 years or paced for individual needs. http://www.ctsnet.edu/lifelong-learning-certificate-programs.  Two courses are offered each year

POAMN exists to make everyone’s inevitable aging process the best it can possibly be.  Embracing POAMN enables individuals and their loved ones to age sensibly, happily and wisely with God’s full strength.

2016 POAMN Brochure

2017 POAMN Executive Committee